KC Symphony is venturing into hip-hop music for the first time and will invite famous independent hip-hop artist Tech N9ne – KC STUDIO

One of the greatest rappers of all time, Tech N9ne will bring his signature style of choppy rhymes to Kansas City’s Midland Theater on May 4 in a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the Kansas City Symphony .

Tech N9ne is a KC native whose music career spans four decades and has sold over 2 million albums, and he co-founded the independent record label Strange Music with Travis O’Guin in 1999, which he considers his One of the proudest professional achievements.

Jeff Buck, vice president of sales and marketing for the Kansas City Symphony, said his upcoming performance with the symphony and guest conductor and arranger Tim Davis was “created from the ground up.” “We knew Tech participated in our classical concert series, so we reached out and asked if we could collaborate.”

Tech N9ne was “flattered” by the invitation, explaining: “This is for great people and they chose me. I’m very grateful.”

While hip-hop and orchestral music may seem like odd bedfellows, this show will highlight the ways in which the two styles complement each other. As Tech N9ne says, “There’s always been an orchestral element to my music.” For example, his song “The Industry is Punks” from his 2002 album Absolute Power included French horns and timpani. Piano, harp and even opera singing can be found in his music.

“I want people to know that I’ve always been a lover of all types of music and this is proof of that. I’m grounded in hip-hop, but throughout my musical journey until now I’ve been a lover of music and sound. Symphony is the icing on the cake.

“We’re turning Tech’s music into a musician’s score so that other orchestras across the country can work with him,” Buck said. “This will be a true Tech N9ne concert and symphonic performance.” Tech N9ne fans can expect to hear some well-known favorites from his catalog such as “Worldwide Choppers,” “Einstein” and “Am I a Psycho?” “

For concertgoers less familiar with Tech N9ne’s music, he recommends they listen to his 2006 album Everready before the big night. “This was a turning point for me musically, getting music from all over the world and bringing it to KC. It was very emotional.

Despite his fame and global influence as an independent hip-hop artist, Tech N9ne retains a deep affection for his hometown and its music ecosystem. “There’s so much talent here. No matter which lane you choose, it plays a big role here. There’s something about the Midwest. When it comes to talent, everything changes a lot here.

For more information, visit Tickets.kcsymphony.org/fy24techn9ne.

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