Arts and Culture Trust launches education series in 11 South Australian languages

The ACT Tlholo comic series consists of six episodes, each available in a different local language, and is designed to provide motivated artists with essential business knowledge and skills.

Beginning April 30, a new episode will be released every Tuesday, providing practical advice and tools to support artists in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The first episode of #TlholoTuesdays can be found on the ACT Tlholo resources page, which also offers downloadable business templates to help professionalize creative businesses.

The series follows the journey of Pule, an aspiring creative entrepreneur as he navigates the challenges of starting a business in the arts and culture sector. Through the ACT Tlholo resource page, Pule discovered valuable resources, gained practical knowledge, and networked with other arts practitioners and budding entrepreneurs.

“We are committed to ensuring that all arts practitioners, regardless of their background or location, have access to valuable tools and guidance,” said ACT CEO Jessica Denyschen. “By providing content in the 11 official South African languages, we aim to To create a more inclusive and supportive arts community for artists and arts entrepreneurs.”

Powered by Nedbank, the ACT Tlholo resource page offers animated videos and podcasts designed to provide practical insights and inspire creativity for navigating the competitive arts landscape. Rooted in an asset-based community development ethos, these resources encourage practitioners to use existing resources and knowledge to build sustainable businesses and support their communities.

Poovi Pillay, head of corporate social investment at Nedbank, said: “The best way to reach a diverse audience is through a medium that everyone enjoys, and the ACT Tlholo series is just that. The business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills conveyed through Pillay’s journey are very interesting. So unforgettable. Over the course of this series, Puller becomes a friend who travels with you as an arts and cultural entrepreneur, helping you navigate all the challenges of starting and growing your business. We hope you enjoy #TlholoTuesdays. Benefit greatly from this innovative supplement.

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