Southern Vermont Arts Center hosts early music education classes for infants and toddlers | Local News

MANCHESTER — The Southern Vermont Center for the Arts in Manchester has been hosting a series of early music education workshops for young children.

Instructor Carolyn Axler pulled a large black wagon filled with musical instruments, stuffed animals and other teaching tools to greet the first new member – a young woman named Scarlett, who wore A cheerful light yellow dress. Scarlett twisted, grinned, and held on to her father.

“Grandma has an appointment, so Daddy’s dancing today,” her dad said, taking off Scully’s little shoes. “She was so excited. She knew what was going to happen.

The two walked to a large plush floor mat, where Axler dug into her wagon filled with toys. A bunch of wooden music sticks came out.

As others filed in, Axler greeted them with her captivating, lyrical voice.

Axler began her first ten weeks of classes at the Art Center in January and is now starting spring classes.

“This program is suitable for children ages zero to four and their caregivers,” Axler said. “What we do is a lot of movement and singing – and a lot of pattern work, which is the basis of musical learning. It’s a great way for kids to learn through play.

The group also works on pitch and rhythm skills, communication skills, and gross and fine motor skills.

The group meets from 10am to 10:40am on Mondays, April 22nd to June 3rd. Please visit

Axler also teaches early music education at Arlington Commons.

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