Scrap Arts Music introduces innovative sounds to Yakima schools under Capitol Kids program

YAKIMA, Wash. — A performance group from Canada is in town to visit the Yakima School District, which will also be part of the Capitol Theater’s Children of Congress program.

Representatives from the Capitol Theater and a group called Scrap Arts Music visited schools throughout the valley to connect with children in the community. Today they went to Eisenhower High School.

“Scrap Arts Music is an invented musical instrument ensemble where I decided to make a bunch of instruments out of scrap materials found in and around Vancouver. [and] We’re from Victoria, Canada,” said Gregory Kozak, artistic director of Scrap Arts Music.

Some of the scrap materials used in musical instruments include aluminum cans, car parts, construction materials, and even lampshades.

All are part of the Capitol Theater’s Capitol Children’s Program.

Chief executive Charlie Robin said: “We are here to make a difference for the next generation and generations to come in this valley, and here we rely on the support of everyone else who understands how important it is to have the arts in our communities “We can’t do this without knowing that everyone in the community is as committed to our children as we are. “

One of those groups is the Pacific Power Foundation, which awarded a $5,000 grant to the Capitol Children’s Project, which they say will help students stay connected with performers throughout the season.

Company Pampi Chowdhury said: “This was a great opportunity for them to really engage with these great artists, they held some workshops, had some interactions and learned from the inspiring stories and stories they have been Learn from their experiences while doing the work.

Scrap Arts Music will perform their production of “Children of the Met” at the Capitol Theater tomorrow night.

“We’ve built something really special and brought it to Yakima and we’re excited to show it to you,” Kozak said. “This is our debut, and Charlie was kind enough to invite us down to show you the first version of this thing, and we’re going to take it out into the world from here, so it’s an exciting time for us. .

Scrap Arts Music and Charlie Robin will perform at Lincoln Primary School in Toppenish on Friday before performing at the theater later that evening.

The event starts at 7:30 p.m.

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