Midtown Academy of Performing Arts’ music program goes global

By Rick Wells, News 6

TULSA, OK — many people believe music can work magic. It can energize, inspire, or even calm a group of preschoolers and hold their attention for nearly an hour.

The same engaging programs created in Tulsa will be used to entertain and educate cruise ship passengers around the world.

Kids and adults had a great time having a good time with music and rhythm in class at the Midtown Performing Arts School on Tuesday.

Teresa Sutter was a group leader and had as much fun as the children.

“It’s cool because you can have fun teaching music, teaching rhythm, teaching melody and all at the same time,” said Theresa Sutter of Midtown Performing Arts.

Sutter was a musician herself, and in fact she wrote or co-wrote most of the songs used in the show.

“We have about 12 to 15 preschools in town, and we do family day care,” said Tami Losoncy of Midtown School of the Performing Arts.

Losensi believed that music was a spiritual journey to the soul.

“We hope to touch as many souls as possible through the music we create,” Losensi said.

Now, this curriculum-based music program is being rolled out globally on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, starting with their newest ship, Oasis of the Seas.

“This year we will launch on four more ships, and over the next two years I think we will launch on all 23 of their ships,” Losoncy said.

They will touch children around the world with the music they wrote and recorded in Tulsa.

Music lessons are available at the City Center Performing Arts Academy and can be delivered to you by them. For more information, please visit their website.

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