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Last week, the headliners for the Old Main Music Festival (OMMF) were announced, adding to the excitement for Mississippi State Music Productions’ largest event of the spring semester.

This year’s artist is Briston Maroney, an indie rock artist with over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 137,000 followers on Instagram. On top of that, his hit song “Freaking out on the Interstate” has been played more than 216 million times on Spotify and is sure to resonate across campus on Friday.

In addition to Maroney’s show, OMMF will be filled with different vendors, acts and activities. With 25 art vendors, six local stage performers and opening acts including Odie Leigh and Mississippi Shakedown, the event is expected to be the largest yet.

Collins Fiscus, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and director of public relations for Music Producers, said this year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever.

“Overall, I’m excited that this year’s OMMF is bigger than ever,” Fiscus said. “We have more food trucks, new events, more local events this year than we have in past years at OMMF. Bands, bigger headlines and a bigger art market.”

Fiscus continues to talk about what new aspects will be brought to the festival.

“Fireworks and liquor vendors are a few new aspects. This year, OMMF will end the night with a great fireworks show,” said Fiscus. “In addition, festival-goers will be able to purchase alcohol at the event for the first time.”

Music Maker Productions is working with a number of different organizations and businesses to bring it all together, each bringing something great to the table. The Mississippi Interfraternity Council (IFC) is hosting a cook-off for all fraternities, with benefits going to the Bully’s Pantry.

In addition, there will be a kick-off party tomorrow at Moe’s BBQ, with performances by Jamo and local DJ group Checkmates. Getting the weekend started early, the kickoff aims to set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Sally Stafford, junior business administration and marketing major and director of students at Music Maker Productions, agreed with Fiscus, but most importantly said she loves everything OMMF has to offer.

Courtesy | Produced by Music Producer

“I love when the local scene is in full swing at noon, like bands singing and dancing on the main stage, and people doing games and activities in the art market, usually about 2 hours after the show starts when people start to get used to it,” Stafford said “You feel the community there,” Dede said.

The Del Rendon Foundation is one of OMMF’s community sponsors. The foundation itself was established in memory of Del Rendon and aims to support and raise awareness of local and regional artists. It just so happened that the foundation’s biggest event was held the next day.

Rendon is a rock and blues musician from Starkville. After his sudden death in 2005, the Delrendon Foundation was established to promote and support local bands and artists in the area.

Each year, Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern hosts Delfest, an event where many local musicians and artists come together to support the Del Rendon Foundation. Ultimately, it is an event to showcase art in order to raise funds for foundations dedicated to perpetuating art.

“Dave” Hood, a Starkville native and owner of Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern, said it’s still very satisfying to see different acts and artists every year.

“One of my favorite parts about owning a music venue in Starkville is the bands we all love and support,” Hood said. “The varsity band has demonstrated tremendous ability and their enthusiasm rubs off on the adult band, bringing out the best in everyone. The friendship between them certainly compliments the mission of Delfest and the Delrendon Foundation .

Hood finds himself excited about the event every year, but he said he’s always most excited for the event’s attendees.

“The talented musical lineup, complimented by all the artists who will perform on the Terrace, makes this annual event celebrating Del’s life, music and art super special!” said Hood.

The event will feature 15 artists and art groups as well as 15 orchestras and musical acts. Performances will begin at 2:30pm on Saturday with Andrew Rendon opening for Gert Arwood & the Centennials.

All in all, this weekend will culminate the hard work and love students and locals put into the art they care about. The song will echo throughout campus, art will be bought and sold, and in this way, contagious smiles will be spread throughout Starkville and beyond.

Courtesy | Dark Horse Tavern

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