Six Arab Artists from Bred Abu Dhabi, from Marwan Pablo to DJ Kaboo

Bred Abu Dhabi is set to return to the UAE capital in a second year that has seen him improve in many aspects. Fans will have the chance to see some of hip-hop’s leaders from the region and around the world when the event returns to Yas Bay on Wednesday.

The main stage, called The Arena, will be home to the likes of Offset, Metro Boomin and Ty Dolla $ign (who recently released the album Vultures 1 with Kanye West), while the main stage will be located nearby at The Amp Stage. Here you can listen to Arab artists putting their own spin on the genre.

From the Egyptian music of Marwan Pablo to the Saudi-Sudanese fusion of Dafencii, here are six regional artists worth checking out in Bred Abu Dhabi.

Marwan Paul

The 28-year-old rapper is already considered one of the most experienced artists in the Egyptian hip-hop scene. In 2015, he emerged as Dama, changing his name two years later and finding success with songs gaba and Barbary. Pablo combines modern hip-hop beats with energetic Maharagant music and has built a strong following both at home and in the Arab diaspora with shows in Paris and Berlin over the past year.He returns to Dubai with new album Akh Kata Fanea (The last piece of art).


Considered one to watch, Egyptian singer Nour has attracted a following with her dreamy electro-pop sound on her debut EP visionary.Influenced by lo-fi pop and ambient music, introspective songs like alvan and Barr suggesting the artist’s struggle to shape his own identity.


Dystinct is a rising star in the impressive Moroccan hip-hop scene and his songs are renowned regionally Ansari, This is the unofficial national anthem of the Moroccan football team during their dream journey to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The song is a modern take on Moroccan chaabi music, showcasing his ability to blend traditional folk instrumentation with RnB-style vocal arrangements.How to hear it in a song Admiration and BusinessWorking with Dystinct, Bred will embark on a European summer tour after making his UAE debut in Abu Dhabi.

Rana Lubani

The Palestinian-American singer, who now lives in the UK, achieved immediate success with her debut single snake, Since its release in 2022, it has been streamed more than 7 million times on Spotify in several weeks.

The bilingual song is a calling card worthy of her talent, with her silky soprano gliding effortlessly through an Arabic folk arrangement before becoming more percussive as she transitions to a hip-hop trap beat at the end of the song.

There are follow-up songs Sell and clone Also in demand, it will be interesting to see if Lubani can transfer her recording talents to the main stage.

water fleas

The popularity of the Saudi-born Sudanese rapper is a testament to his hard work.Da Vinci used the time away from the stage during the epidemic to hone his production skills and release his first single in 2021 Rakshasa, This undercuts his elastic flow with stark and harsh synths.Inspired by even more popularity in 2022 Harappan kingDafencii gained regional recognition and performed in Lebanon in 2022, as well as at Saudi music festivals Soundstorm and Gamers8.

DJ Kaboo – DJ Kaboo Featured

Egyptian producer and Dubai resident DJ Kaboo is taking Arabic music to the world with his modern interpretations of regional classics. DJ Kaboo’s style is what he describes as “Arab Trap”, where he samples classic tracks from 20th century Arab singers and composers and combines them with the stuttering rhythms and dark synths of the hip-hop subgenre trap.

In addition to his work on the Marvel antihero TV series Moon Knightyou can hear his work Arabian Trap EP 1 and Arabian Trap EP 2.

Bred Abu Dhabi operates from Wednesday to Sunday in Yas Bay.Tickets start from AED 95

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