How much money will the top 10 artists make on Spotify in 2024?

A rough calculation of how much money some of the most streamed artists will be making on music streaming platforms as of April 2024.

Most major streaming services, including Spotify, don’t pay artists a flat rate per stream. Instead, they use a prorated payment model. The system collects all ad and subscription revenue for a month and then shares 70% with the artist based on the number of streams they accrue during that month (the other 30% goes to Spotify).

Not all streams are created equally. The price of a Spotify Premium subscription varies around the world, and the amount advertisers pay varies based on various factors. Streaming revenue will also vary based on the contracts signed between Spotify and record labels. For these reasons, the term “pay-per-stream” can be misleading.

Some publications have provided rough estimates of the value of streaming on Spotify. The latest estimates on Spotify are around $0.003 and $0.005 per stream.

We used total streaming data provided by ChartMasters to find the top ten artists and their all-time Spotify streams. By multiplying “lead streams” by the average $0.004 per stream, we get the total revenue listed below. Lead flow does not include featured flow.

Please note that the amounts listed below are before deductions from labels, managers, etc. Don’t forget, Spotify is just one source of revenue. The world’s highest-paid artists have multiple sources of income, including other stores, licensing deals, business ventures, live performances, merchandise sales, and more. These numbers are a rough estimate of how much artists make on Spotify alone. To keep 100% of your streaming revenue, check out RouteNote Premium!

Since this list was last updated earlier this year, Taylor Swift have surpassed Drake The most streamed artist on Spotify with over 77 million streams, ahead of Drake’s 74 million streams.Put this Taylor Swift’s Total revenue exceeded $310 million. Drake is the highest paid male artist, and base station cementing their status as the highest-grossing band.

The #1 most streamed artist on Spotify



Total revenue: $298,827,148

Lead flow: 74,706,786,894

bad bunny

3. Bad Bunny

Total revenue: $283,409,702

Potential customer flow: 70,852,425,386


4. weekend

Total revenue: $224,881,239

Lead flow: 56,220,309,818

Ed Sheeran

5.Ed Sheeran

Total revenue: $191,307,610

Lead flow: 47,826,902,612

The 6th most streamed artist on Spotify

8. Eminem

Total revenue: $166,593,543

Lead flow: 41,648,385,634

Post Malone

9. Post Malone

Total revenue: $154,218,980

Potential customer flow: 38,554,744,981

base station

10. BTS

Total revenue: $152,414,004

Lead flow: 38,103,500,881

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