Palmer Park celebrates Earth Day with ‘tree art’

In celebration of Earth Day, Detroit’s Palmer Park will host its first Art in the Trees event, which will feature large-scale art installations and solo musicians in the park’s 70-acre Witherell Woods. Some of the artworks on display are made from recycled trash and natural elements by Donald Calloway, Tim Burke, Dale Teachette, Dick Drooger, Cheryl English and Created by local artists including Kelly O’Neill. Most of the works will be sold at the upcoming Palmer Park Art Fair, June 1-2. In addition to a day of art and music performances, a big part of the Earth Day celebration will be spring cleaning. Community members will have the opportunity to assist, including picking up trash, pulling weeds, sweeping and raking. The nonprofit People for Palmer Park will provide volunteers with gloves, trash bags, tools and hand sanitizer. As the event is family-friendly, there will also be plenty of kid-friendly activities including the Aziza Fairy Forest Trash and treasure hunt. To do this, local teens can sign up to hunt for prizes around the park while helping pick up trash. The day-long community celebration will also include face painting, floral giveaways, recycling education, refreshments and more. Neighborhood groups and community members can register to volunteer at

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