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Channon Medeiros (left) and Antonia Christa of San Diego pose for a photo during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at Empire Polo Club in Indio on Saturday, April 20, 2024. )

Here’s an experiment: Stand at the main entrance to the Coachella Arts and Music Festival and count cowboy boots. Within three minutes, there were 33 pairs.

Okay, now the big boho belt. Three minutes and twenty-three. If an alien dropped by for the festival, it might think it had arrived at Stagecoach early.

Rest easy, aliens: this is Coachella, Lana Del Rey is there, tyler, creator And Doja Cat makes headlines, releasing a very interesting capsule of what people are wearing every year.

In 2024, the trends seem to be cowgirl, boho, less is more (in terms of clothing, yes, but in terms of money – more on that later).

“This year has a bit of a country feel, but it’s also more fashionable,” said Abigail Mason, who attended the festival for the first time this year.

When we say Coachella is as much a music festival as a fashion show, we’re not conveying anything revolutionary: On TikTok, the hashtag #coachellaoutfit has generated nearly 60,000 posts, “Get ready with me.” Style videos are flooded with searches.

“Fashion really comes first,” said 30-year-old Dizreal Castillo. “That was the first thing we thought about before we got here.”

Castillo was wearing drawstring leather pants, revealing Calvin Klein boxer briefs, a yellow cross-body bag, a red bandana, sunglasses and a backwards hat. No shirt.

Mason attended the festival with Castillo, who accessorized with a pair of leather shorts with silver chains, a pink studded belt, a tennis-patterned top and a trucker hat with cards printed on it The logo of Stillo’s brand “RAGS” in Santa Monica.

“I definitely want to fly; that’s just part of it,” Mason said. “Everyone seems fine.”

Mason and Castillo went on to share an unspoken sartorial rule for Coachella: wear your best outfit on Friday, something comfortable on Saturday, and your second-best outfit on Sunday.

Do whatever you want.

There is no shame in being frugal

Festival-goers agree that while fashion is a priority, dressing well doesn’t have to be synonymous with being expensive.

“I’ve been wearing this T-shirt for a long time,” Kylie Adegoke said, looking down at her shirt-turned-dress that read, “I’m a (heart) sexy DJ.” . “It’s literally a 3XL shirt. I tucked it into a tube top and put on a thousand accessories. The price was about 20 bucks.

Fashion influencer Grace Brinkly posted her first-day Coachella outfit on TikTok this year and gained nearly 800,000 followers, declaring the entire event frugal.

That’s no surprise: Thrifting has long been popular, with the hashtag “thrifttok” having over 230,000 posts on TikTok, and thrift shopping tends to appeal to a wider audience than expensive designer shopping.

Isabella Borden, who attended Day 2 of Weekend Two in a black bikini top, denim skirt and black boots, also made the case for frugality, saying it made her outfit more unique.

“You don’t have to buy the most expensive thing,” Mason explains. “Like, you can have one expensive thing, or something eye-catching, and put other things together.”

She went on to explain that one of her least favorite Coachella looks is when people wear head-to-toe designer clothing.

“Gucci is out!” she declared.

Comfortable?this is a debate

The aforementioned number of cowboy boots doesn’t mean everyone magically finds a way to be comfortable in them.

Coachella regular Mads Aguirre wore a white knitted dress with a bohemian belt, a floral scarf draped over her shoulders, gold jewelry and of course Cowboy boots. She said she loved the bohemian look that Vanessa Hudgens popularized at Coachella.

Aguirre admitted that on her first day, she made the mistake of wearing a brand new pair of boots, which she said hurt her feet. Saturday’s boots were a bit more worn, but no Orthofeet.

“Still a little uncomfortable, but much better than yesterday, and it’s a holiday!” Aguirre said. “You need it. Who cares about comfort? That’s fine.

It turns out some people care about comfort.

Morag Myerscough, who wore a quirky, colorful outfit to match her equally colorful art installation Dancing in the Sky, said it was best to wear something suitable for the heat and long walks is the top priority.

Due to the hot weather, she recommends wearing loose-fitting clothing. She wore pink linen pants, a flowy neon dress top and an iridescent kimono, which she paired with green round glasses, a knitted bucket hat and ECCO sneakers.

Myerscough explains that getting creative with the “upper” fit can provide flexibility to the shoe, resulting in a comfortable shoe. To her, it meant the promise of better times.

Rapid Fire: The Ins and Outs

exist: Rock star streetwear. Chotes. go out: Air Force and Jordan 1. ——Abigail Mason

exist: dress up. Become a different personality. go out: Dressing lazily or not trying too hard. ——Kelly Adegoke

exist:Chuck Taylor 70s. go out: Skinny jeans and graphic T-shirt. ——Dizrael Castillo

go out: Denim shorts. ——Josie Brennan

exist: Super expressive. There is also a lot of silver. personal style. go out: Slender clothes. ——Morag Myerscough

exist: Frugal works. go out: Anything purchased as a set. ——Isabella Borden

exist: You must work hard. go out: Whatever. “This is Coachella. Like come on. ——Mads Aguirre

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