“The Sound of Images” and the Rite of Spring Music Festival

On Sunday, May 5, at 5 p.m., the Rite of Spring Music Festival will present “Strange and Wonderful: The Sound of Images III,” a dialogue between music and art curated by artistic director Paolo Bartolani.

The performance, to be held at Riverhead’s East End Arts Gallery, is adapted from the artist’s book The Garden by painter, visual artist and performer Anne Sherwood Pundyk, and combined with original and improvised musical compositions by cellist and multimedia instrumentalist Mariel Roberts . Music will replace the abstract visuals in “The Garden.”

Just like in the book, the performance will begin with a piece of music, followed by the story of its partner. Music and reading will alternate throughout the performance of the 11 short stories. The final musical piece will bring the show to a successful conclusion.

Conceived and curated by Paolo Bartolani and aiming to redefine boundaries, “The Sound of Images” is an hour-long live dialogue between participating artists and solo musicians that takes place during each performance, Music and visual arts come together to explore the deep connections between art. Participation in “The Sound of Images” is a unique experience for both the audience and the artist: an intense exchange between artists who will express their creative process in front of an audience in an intimate space and have the opportunity to get to know and talk to the audience. Artist in an informal setting.

American cellist, composer and improviser Marielle Roberts is widely recognized for her virtuosic playing. As an interpreter, improviser and composer, her deep commitment to collaboration and experimentation has helped create a body of work that bridges avant-garde, contemporary, classical, improvisational and traditional music.

Anne Sherwood Pundyk is an artist and writer who blends the traditions of abstract art, textiles and storytelling. Her unstretched paintings are activated by color and consist of drapery canvases that are dyed, cut and sewn. Elements of her studio work are directly related to her photographs, artist books, writing and performance work. Pundyk lives in New York and has been creating, exhibiting, and writing about art for the past 35 years. Ten years ago, she moved her studio to the North Fork.

East End Arts’ 11 West Gallery is located at 11 West Main Street in the Riverhead Peconic Crossing building. Tickets are $50 ($25 for friends of the Rite of Spring Music Festival), free for those under 25.

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