Art Groove returns to Springs for 12th anniversary of art and music festival

Michael McDowell's artwork will be on display at Art Groove 2024
Michael McDowell’s artwork will be on display at Art Groove 2024

The popular Art Groove group exhibition and music event returns to Springs’ Ashawagh Hall (780 Hearth Road, Springs) this weekend (April 19-21) for its 12th edition , visitors can look forward to days filled with incredible art and rock music, as well as few surprises.

This year’s event includes works by 18 contemporary artists including world-renowned sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp, ​​as well as a range of well-known local artists, and music by Frank Latorre and King Bees at 7pm on Saturday, followed by a DJ-hosted dance partyG -Funk 8pm or later.

The full artist list includes Barbara Bilotta, Rosalind Brenner, Michael Cardacino, Donna Corvi, Jody Cukier, Paul Dempsey, Zoe Denahy, Susan Friend, Ronnie Grill, Frank Latorre, Jacques LeBlanc, Setha Low, Michael McDowell, Oliver Peterson, Joyce Raimondo, Lieve Theirs and Geralyne Lewandowski, who has also been the show’s founder and organizer since its inception.

“I came up with the idea of ​​putting together a collaborative art project where I would just organize it, I wouldn’t charge much for the space, just find different artists and put the music together,” Lay said. Wandowski said, noting that “it will all be there and the artists will be well represented.”

Artwork by Hans Van de Bovenkamp to be exhibited at Art Groove 2024
Artwork by Hans Van de Bovenkamp

Beyond the musical component, Lewandowski noted that her approach is a little different than many others who approach group exhibitions. “I like giving people a wall where they can put what they want, as opposed to a lot of these group shows where you put your piece down and they assemble it and you just pop it all over the place, usually You can only put in small pieces,” she explained. “So by giving people a wall, if they want to show one huge piece – which most exhibitions wouldn’t accept because of the size – they can do that. Or they can show a variety of things,” she added.

“It was a different kind of performance art, but that was in 2010, 2011. So, of course, a lot of people have been doing it since then, and music is often part of the performance art,” Lay said. Wandowski continued. “But mine also has dance parties, but that doesn’t happen very often. That’s why it’s an art groove. We all get really hip.

The show’s founder explained that many of the artists on her roster return year after year, but she strives to shake things up and bring in new ones who catch her eye.

Artwork by the late Nadine Daskaloff will be on display at Art Groove 2024
Artwork by the late Nadine Daskaloff will be on display

“Some people are repeat artists and I’m always looking for new ones. I feel loyal to some of the people who have been there and it’s hard to tell people they can’t come to the show, but I like to mix it up,” she said. “Like this year, at least a third of the people are new, so that’s good. Some people might be upset, but I just think it’s good…it keeps things interesting and not just the same 12, 15, 20 people.

Lewandowski pointed out that Rosalind Brenner and Michael Cardacino were regular returnees. “He made these wonderful large-scale sculptures, and he always came up with something really impressive, which became the highlight of the show,” she said of Cardassino, a is an East Hampton-based artist who creates exciting metal sculptures and Pop Art-infused works made from painted wood and mixed media. “Joyce Raimondo is one of the few people who’s been on every show with Michael McDowell except myself,” Lewandowski said , adding, “The new ones are Donna Corvi, I really like her work, and Ronnie Roast. Theta Lowe is the new one. Susan Friend, Oliver Peterson is new here.

Van de Bovenkamp participated in more than half of the Art Groove exhibitions, exhibiting paintings and drawings rather than the sculptures for which he is famous. He will also be at the show, doing a book signing on Sunday and donating half of the proceeds to charities including the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, Maureen’s Haven and the AnnieAppleseed Project.

"free immigration" Oliver Peterson on display at Art Groove 2024
“Freedom to Migrate” by Oliver Peterson

Selected works will also be sold to charity, with half of the proceeds going to the artists who created them. There will also be a tribute to late Art Groove Collective member Nadine Daskaloff on Sunday from 1 to 2 p.m.

Artist William Falkenberg displays his totems outside Ashawagh Hall, where he will play piano Sunday from noon to 3 p.m., and Jeremy D. Slater will present an expressive video from 1 to 4 p.m.

“We had a great turnout, people bought art, they had fun, that’s what it’s all about,” Lewandowski said, inviting everyone to join her for this free event filled with fun and creativity. weekend.

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