Scrap Arts Festival April 26 at the Capitol Theater

Recycle, reduce, reuse!

This is a quote I heard a lot growing up and many creatives have taken it to heart and created a band out of old scraps!

introduce crap art musica truly unique show, opens at the Capitol Theater on Friday, April 26.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, watch the video below.

We’re giving away two free tickets to the show so you can experience this fun concert for yourself!

@scrapartsmusic I mean, what do you say when you realize “I was wrong”? #inventedinstruments #originalmusicalsound #canadianmusicians #diymusic #childrenofmetropolis #percussion ♬ I was wrong – Scrap Arts Music

What instruments are used in crap art music?

All of their instruments are handmade! They use scrap metal, old cannonballs, scrap aluminum, and even old accordion parts and lampshades.

It reminded me of something we saw at the entrance/exit to the Central Washington State Fair where there was this structure where the kids could make a bunch of noise with cow bells, old pots and pans, and wind chimes.

Except Scrap Arts Music knows how to make everything sound good! ha!

“[Scrap Arts Music has] “Upcycling” creative transformation[ed] Incorporating more than 100 unique moving sculptures that produce uplifting music.

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Tickets for Scrap Arts Music are on sale now. There are three tiers of seating for the show (these prices do not include a $2 online purchase service fee):

Level 1: $40

Level 2: $36

Level 3: $20

Visit to see more fun upcoming shows at the Capitol Theater!

Scrap Art Music: Sons of the Met is presented to the public by the Capitol Theater as part of its Global Voices series. Canadian performance troupe passes through Victoria, British Columbia!

Scrap Arts Capitol Theater

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