Entertainment coverage 11-14 April: Manchester and its surrounds buzzing with art, music and performance

Ted Herbert

As always, this week’s live entertainment in and around Manchester is brought to you by A. Robert Dionne of Ted Herbert Music School and Rentals. Email your entertainment to rob@majestictheatre.net for consideration. Be sure to add your event to the InkLink Community Calendar for possible inclusion in WMNH 95.3’s live radio coverage (The Peter White Morning Show – “Entertainment World” airs Thursdays at 8 a.m.)

Featured Live Music

Thursday, April 11th

Meet Chris Cavanaugh at Fratello’s on April 11th.

  • Chris Cavanaugh/Fratello’s (Manchester)/5:30 PM
  • Doug Thompson / Merrimack / Homestead / 5:30 PM
  • Clint Lapointe / Merrimack / 6 p.m.
  • Jon Paul Royer / Copper Door (Salem) / 7 p.m.
  • Rebecca Turmel / Copper (Bedford) / 7 p.m.
  • Rob & Jody / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 7pm
  • Rich Wallace / The Cavern Sports Bar (Pembroke) / 7pm

Friday, April 12th

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Casey Roop will perform at Hill Bar & Grille on April 12th.

  • Casey Roop/The Hill Bar & Grille (Manchester)/5:30 p.m.
  • Andrea Paquin/Murphy’s (Bedford)/6 p.m.
  • Joanie Cicatelli / Homestead (Merrimack) / 6 p.m.
  • Paul Lussier / Fratello’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Ralph Allen / Coach Station (Londonderry) / 6pm
  • Rebecca Turmel/Backyard Brewery (Manchester)/6pm
  • Matt Litzinger / To Share Brewing Company (Manchester) / 6:30 PM
  • John Chouinard / CodeX (Nashua) / 7 p.m.
  • twenty oneYingshi &1Yingshi / Telly’s (Epping) / 8pm
  • Bob Platt Band/Derryfield (Manchester)/8pm
  • After Ten / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 8pm
  • Peter Higgins / Strange Brew Tavern (Manchester) / 8pm
  • FatBunny / Bonfire Country Bar (Manchester) / 9pm
  • GoodFoot / The Hawker’s Daughter (Nashua) / 9:30 pm

Saturday, April 13th

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You’ll find “Mockingbird” at Peddler’s Daughter on April 13th.

  • Hank Osborne/Downtown Farmers Market (Concord)/9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Joey Clark / Farmers Market (Contoocook) / 9 a.m. to 12 noon
  • Redemption Trio / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 2pmKeith Drab/Great North Aleworks (Manchester)/4pm
  • Justin Bethune/The Hill Bar & Grille (Manchester)/5:30 p.m.
  • Eddie Sands / Homestead (Merrimack) / 6 p.m.
  • Jeff Mrozek / Coach Station (Londonderry) / 6 PM
  • John Chouinard / Gaucho’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Jack Ancora/Backyard Brewery (Manchester)/6pm
  • Chris Lester / The Foundry (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Johnny Angel/The Wild Rover (Manchester)/6pm
  • Paul Gormley / Fratello’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Scott King / San Francisco Kitchen (Nashua) / 6:30pm
  • Mikey G / Chen Yang Li (bow) / 7pm
  • Justin Jordan/Luna Bistro (Salem)/7 p.m.
  • Chad LaMarche/Derryfield (Manchester)/8pm
  • Dank Sinatra et al/Shaskeen Irish Pub (Manchester)/8pm
  • Craig Thomas/Strange Brew Tavern (Manchester)/9pm
  • Nate Ramos/Bonfire Country Bar (Manchester)/9 p.m.
  • Mockingbird / The Peddler’s Daughter (Nashua) / 9:30 PM

Sunday, April 14th

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Johnny Angel will perform at Telly’s, Epping, on April 14th.

  • Lilly Innella / Bronze Gate (Salem) / 11 am
  • Phil Jacques / Bronze Gate (Bedford) / 11am
  • Jimmy’s Right/Stumble Inn (Londonderry)/2 p.m.
  • Steve Prisby/Luna Bistro (Salem)/4 p.m.
  • Johnny Angel / Telly’s (Epping) / 5pm

Be sure to check the venue’s website or social media for last minute changes Or check to see if there are tickets or admission requirements. Thanks to Notso Costley Productions and NH Music Collective for their support and listing of local live music.

Featured Arts & Entertainment

Click on the DIRECT/x links for official links to purchase tickets for each event.

Thursday, April 11th

Comedian Bob Marley / Palace Theater (Manchester) / 11-14 April – direct/x

He lives in Maine, the best state in the world, maybe the universe. He appears regularly on Sirius XM radio and even won their Comedy Super Bowl! He has released over 20 comedy CDs and DVDs! He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the longest stand-up comedy performance by an individual” with a 40-hour stand-up comedy performance! He has appeared in more than 100 television shows, including “Leno,” “Letterman,” “Conan,” “Jimmy Fallon,” “Craig Ferguson” and “Comedy Central.” www.palacetheatre.org or (603)668-5588

Friday, April 12th

The Birthday Club / Majestic Theater (Manchester) / 12-14 April – direct/x

Five women come together to celebrate a birthday, each with their own story, drinking, celebrating, commiserating and supporting each other as they discuss marriage, work, divorce, parenthood and children while solving the world’s problems. One by one, they revealed their personal, work and family problems, and Vodka caused a stir when one admitted she was dating another’s husband. The question is: will the Birthday Club continue to exist, or will Rule #5 end it for good? www.majestictheatre.net or (603)669-7469

JOSH Turner: THE GREATEST HITS Tour / Arts Center (Nashua) / 8 p.m.– direct/x

With classic songs like “Long Black Train” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” Josh Turner’s global reach has exceeded 5.8B global streams, 6.5 million albums sold and nearly 12 million tracks sold. www.nashuacenterforhearts.com or 800-657-8774

Duel Pianos Live / Rex Theater (Manchester) / 7:30pm – direct/x

What are Dueling Pianos? The Duel Piano Show is a request-driven, interactive sing-along show in which two piano players sit together and swap songs. There were two grand pianos in the center of the stage and a group of talented pianists who seemed to know every song ever written. www.rextheatre.org or (603)668-5588

JORMA KAUKONEN / Tupelo Music Hall (Delhi) / 8pm – direct/x

Throughout a career that spans half a century, Jorma Kaukonen has been one of the most respected interpreters of American roots music, blues and rock. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and Grammy Award winner, Jorma was at the forefront of pop rock, one of the founding fathers of the San Francisco sound and the originator of psychedelic rock. He was a founding member of two legendary bands, Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, which still tours. Jorma Kaukonen is a music legend and one of the finest singer-songwriters in the field; he continues to tour around the world, bringing his unique style to old blues music while giving songs new weight and dimensions. www.tupelomusichall.com or (603)437-5100

Saturday, April 13th

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater / Capitol Center (Concord) / 3 p.m.– direct/x

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is family-friendly entertainment featuring the unique comedy and juggling skills of Ukrainian circus performer Grigory Popovich and the extraordinary talents of his pet performances. His entourage includes world-class jugglers, the Shetland pony Diamond and more than 30 show pets, including domestic cats and dogs (all rescued from animal shelters!), geese, doves and parrots. www.ccanh.com or (603)225-1111 – Tickets are limited

SKYNYRD’S HATCHET / Rex Theater (Manchester) / 7:30pm – direct/x

Skynyrd’s Hatchet combines the music of two of Southern Rock’s greatest bands to deliver a high-energy, guitar-driven experience that harkens back to the great days of ’70s rock. Focused on musically accurate performances (both instrumental and vocal), the band’s repertoire includes all the biggest hits as well as some fan favorites from two of the great arena rock legends. From the opening riff of “Gimme Three Steps” to the guitar duel of “Flirtin’ With Disaster” and the crescendo of “Freebird,” Skynyrd’s Hatchet treated the crowd to a high-energy performance that recalled the early days of arena rock . www.rextheatre.org or (603)668-5588

Vandal: A Tribute to Tom Petty / Center for the Arts (Nashua) / 8 p.m.– direct/x

The country’s premier Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band. Established to allow fans of the late, great Tom Petty to continue to enjoy the live experience of TP and HB’s. No other Tom Petty tribute band captures the sound and emotion of Tom Petty’s songs quite like the Breakers. Unlike Tom Petty’s numerous homages that substituted visual imitation for sound, “Broken Breakers” contains the truly unmistakable sound and execution of “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.” www.nashuacenterforhearts.com or 800-657-8774

Sunday, April 14th

THE LOVE DOGS / Rex Theater (Manchester) / 2pm – direct/x

Take a blazing horn section – we’re talking alto, tenor, baritone saxophone and trombone – low and dirty. Add in plenty of barrel house boogie-woogie piano and spine-tingling Fender guitar. Pouring over a funky and swinging rhythm section that Blues Review magazine called “the best in the business,” and capping it all off with a wildly charismatic lead singer and one of the biggest blues voices around. www.rextheatre.org or (603)668-5588

LYNCH MOB – LAST STOP / Tupelo Music Hall (Delhi) / 7pm – direct/x

Lynch Mob was formed in 1989 by George Lynch after the breakup of his long-time band Dokken, of which he was a founding member and primary songwriter. Lynch Mob are known for their high-energy, guitar-driven hard rock vibe, while also featuring elements of classic rock, blues, metal, and a tendency toward improvisation. www.tupelomusichall.com or (603)437-5100 – Tickets are limited

Upcoming events

Beautiful / Palace Theater (Manchester) / 19 April – 12 May – direct/x

Before she was pop music producer Carole King, she was Carole Klein, a dynamic young songwriter from Brooklyn with a unique voice. From her chart-topping singles for music’s biggest acts to her own life-changing, groundbreaking hit with Tapestry, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical takes you back to where it all began , and take you on a journey of a lifetime. www.palacetheatre.org or (603)668-5588

Be sure to visit THE WEEKENDER for more unique events in town this weekend.

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