SunCliff on the Lake announces music and arts summer camp

SunCliff on the Lake has become a legendary summer destination for many reasons, including weddings, meetings, dining, spa services and seminars. Another thing on the growing list are music and art summer camps for high school and college students, as well as adult lifelong learners. The SunCliff Educational Foundation now offers a unique summer camp consisting of eight five-day programs that will take place on the beautiful grounds of Suncliff on the Lake (6892 Lakeshore Rd. Derby, NY 14047). Courses are as follows: Woodwinds, Reggae, Fine Arts (Painting), Strings, Saxophone Quartet, Brass, Jazz (instrumental and vocal), Creative Writing and Storytelling. Click here for coincident dates.

Dave Wasik

“Suncliff on the Lake is a wonderful place to refresh one’s senses and engage in learning activities that enhance one’s abilities,” said camp director Dave Wasik. Musicians everywhere. “I am honored to be a small part of an amazing and diverse team of artists/musicians/family ready to provide quality and innovative music education programs to the youth of Western New York.”

“World-class BPO musicians will collaborate with renowned artists and authors to teach engaging and inspiring lessons set against the tranquil, picturesque backdrop of Suncliff on the Lake,” said Artistic Director Sal Andolina. “BPO musicians will Create and teach in a beautiful lakeside resort with renowned artists and authors—the perfect model for interactive, relaxed yet intense learning.”

“Learning to be an artist or musician is about learning perseverance, patience, wisdom, time management, developing a strong work ethic, and becoming a problem solver and critical thinker,” said David Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SunCliff Educational Foundation.

Suncliff on the Lake was built on a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and a deep concern for improving the area: Suncliff on the Lake was built in Derby, NY in 1914 by Helen Schoellkopf and her husband Hans Schmidt, continuing the Schoellkopf family legacy ; Was a pioneer in harnessing Niagara Falls water power to generate electricity, building tanneries, flour mills, chemical and dye companies, and served on the boards of an insurance company, several banks, and Buffalo General Hospital, and chaired a natural gas company and Buffalo General Hospital; Loyola, New York and Philadelphia Railroad.

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