party music and arts festival to raise funds to support local artists

A party isn’t a party without art, and this non-profit music and arts festival called “The Party” emphasizes that point. The event, which will take place April 18-20 at Detroit’s Tangent Gallery, will feature interactive music and art, educational workshops and other immersive “creative experiences.”

The party, organized by the Metro Detroit Arts Group Gallery Association, will raise funds for Michigan artists through festival partner nonprofit Art In Session. All funds raised will be used for a variety of initiatives, including opening nonprofit art galleries and community studio spaces in metro Detroit and providing educational grants to local artists.

The festival will feature nearly 50 artists, muralists and musical performers, including The Alejo, Eccentric Danny, Martina Sanroman, Burg Ink and Art Night founder Nathan Karinen.

Leading up to the festival April 16-18, Art In Session will host a three-day private workshop series focused on creative and professional growth. All artists and VIP guests participating in The party will have the right to attend the summit.

During the festival, workshops will also be held so that all participants can learn art and health skills on their own. Workshops will include “Progress Beyond Perfection: Mental Health for Creatives”, “Instrumental Garden”, “Deliberate Creation Stations and Expression”, “Double Loop Blending 101”, “Black and White Forest Painting Tutorial”, “Ecstatic Dance Game” Shop”, “Chaka Yoga Flow” and “Resolume 101”.

Sponsored by Michigan cannabis company New Standard, Element and Butter, the party was a way to celebrate 4/20 through art, music, culture, community and cannabis.

The party will conclude with a fashion show celebrating the work of local designers on Saturday, April 20, with music by local DJ Raedy Lex. The show will begin at approximately 9:45pm and will feature works by A Bazaar Universe, Ethereal Fiber, Harmonic Threads and The Plush Revolution.

Organizers hosted a “pre-PARTY” on March 8 as a fundraiser for The Party, which included a Detroit Arts Night takeover with live artists and art supplies, a night of dance music and information on how to raise funds at the festival An open discussion can directly support local artists.

This is the festival’s second year since its inaugural event in April 2023.

More information about the 2024 party daily schedule, as well as three-day and one-day tickets to the festival, are now available online at

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