Blending art, music, dance and food for a fantastic evening at Sparkle

On this road trip: Close to Home, you don’t have to travel far to experience a unique combination of art, music, dance and food.

In the village of Sparkill in Rockland County, sits a historic building on Union Street that dates back to the 1800s.

Over the centuries it has transformed from a carriage house to a local fire department and community center.

Its legacy still exists in restaurants such as the Roost Restaurant and the United Arts Centre.

Its concert halls and galleries are home to exquisite performances by distinguished classical musicians, as well as fascinating exhibitions of Latin jazz and fine arts.

The ethereal emotion is also reflected in the surrounding artwork.

Rotating exhibitions focus on local artists and are curated specifically to create atmosphere.

The United Arts Center’s online calendar shows available tickets for different events, shows and performances throughout the year.

A unique dance is taking place downstairs.

Roost restaurant is run by chef Kevin Reilly.

He leads a team that cooks creative culinary arts full of flavor and flavour.

You’ll find an array of American dishes with strong Mediterranean and Latin influences.

To find out about upcoming events or to book, click here.

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