“Collective” Is Kim Gordon’s Coolest Performance Yet

Sadpony visited Raisen over the Christmas period as they laid the foundation for “Bye Bye”, the striking lead single from the new album. The duo just produced a beat for Playboi Carti, an iconoclastic rapper known for the rough edges of his music and his forthright attitude. When they finished the beat — which begins with a loop that sounds like a car seatbelt alarm and ends in a conflagration of synthetic mayhem — Raisen said he told his brother, “I think this might be a little too crazy for Playboi . But that might be cool for Kim.

it is. “I thought it would be nice to write some mundane lyrics,” Gordon said, “instead of making it as intense as the instrument.” In the finished song, she rhythmically recites a packing list with a deadpan expression, giving the whole work a hypnotic strangeness: “Milk thistle, calcium, high boots, painkillers, black Jeans, blue jeans, cardigan, wallet, passport. Is this Gordon’s real travel list? “Kind of, but it’s embellished,” she said. “I don’t actually travel with milk thistle.”

When “Bye Bye” was released in January, it struck a chord beyond Gordon’s usual fanbase. The song went viral in a corner of TikTok: One post viewed 300,000 times shows a young, tattooed musician listening to “Bye Bye” in awe, with the caption “Kim Gordon healed me of aging Fear. Another popular post showed a man nodding along the runway; caption: “Kim Gordon is still creating this absolutely brilliant piece of work at 70 years old. “

“What Kim did was completely, absolutely normal. What’s not normal is that women or otherwise marginalized people stop making art because of ageism or sexism,” said Bikini Kill and Le Tigre’s Hanna. “We’re not witnessing miracles, we’re witnessing what happens when something is supposed to happen.”

Ryson sent these TikToks to Gordon, and she didn’t know what to do with them. “I never thought that because I’m 70, I’d be seen as cool,” she said with a dry laugh, “considering that I’m still waiting to feel like an adult in some ways.”

But while Gordon is roughly as synonymous with counterculture cool as water is with wetness, for whatever reason Gordon still isn’t quite used to being considered “cool.”

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