Beloved classical music “The Music Man” continues this weekend at the Newport Performing Arts Center •

Salesman Harold Hill, played by Cameron Garner, is thwarted in his scam on the residents of River City when he falls in love with librarian Marianne, played by Kristin Rogers.

By Barbara Covell/Oregon Coast Today

Hecheng be careful, trouble is coming.

Luckily, you’ll be safe in Newport, where Coastal Act Productions is performing “The Music Man,” which continues its three-week run with a Friday night performance and two performances on Saturday. The show ends next Friday and Saturday (March 8-9).

The popular musical tells the story of Harold Hill, a fast-talking traveling salesman who plans to pull off one of his biggest scams yet, convincing people in River City, Iowa, to work for him. Buy instruments and uniforms for a boy band that vows to form.

But Hill didn’t actually know how to play. Instead, he rambles on about the “thinking system” involved in mastering an instrument. Hill plans to flee town with the cash, but his plans are foiled when he falls in love with librarian Marianne, the only person who truly understands music.

This is a classic story that has it all. Love, romance, countless songs, humour, shellers and hustlers – this is a classic and timeless play. The play premiered in 1957 and was re-performed numerous times before being made into a feature-length film.

“This is going to be a very popular show,” director Jody Hanna said. “The main cast and youth cast include a cast of 60, ranging in age from 8 to over 70. We chose ‘The Music Man’ because it is an American institution that resonates with all ages.” “

Playwright, lyricist, and musical composer Meredith Willson is the genius behind this nostalgic score, which includes stirring marches, barbershop quartets, and sentimental ballads, including “Seventy-Six” Trombone,” “Trouble,” “Til I Got You,” “Picalitelle,” and “Gary, Indiana.”

The play is frequently produced by professional and amateur theater companies and is a popular choice in high schools and colleges. This is family entertainment at its best.

Leslie Brown, publicity coordinator for Coastal Act Productions, said the score includes an 18-piece live orchestra led by Howard Lackey.

The show’s debut won five Grammy Awards, including Best Musical. The cast album won the inaugural Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Hill is played by Cameron Garner, who returns to the stage for Coastal Act Productions and has also played the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and the title character in Tarzan. Garner does a great job delivering all of Hill’s tongue-twisting lyrics.

Kristin Rogers plays librarian Marianne, and her vocal range captivates the audience. Rogers played Dorothy in last year’s “The Wizard of Oz.” Garner and Rogers were both promising actors on the Lincolnshire Theater stage.

Anne Pusey plays Marianne’s mother, Mrs. Parrot. Lucy Fruheim plays the precocious Amaryllis, and Nicole Rogers plays the stuttering Winthrop. All three protagonists will have the audience singing along to classic and familiar tunes. Also starring Jason Wilson, Brian Hannah, Matthew Rush, Sophie Cottrell, Jane Watson, Gary Hurd, Sean Rush, Brett Balik, Jodie Hahn Garner, Rachel Newby, Zoe Carpenter, Asha Richardson, Ashley Garner and Guy Leach. They use singing, dancing and marching to get into the hearts of the audience.

“There are many humorous moments in the show, including Marianne distracting salesman Charlie Cowell from revealing Hill’s true identity as a con man,” Brown said. “There’s also a charming scene when Harold visits Marianne in the library to try to win her favor.”

Coastal Act Productions does not require children to audition.

“Anyone who wants to be on the show will be cast,” Hanna said. “Auditions for the lead role are in progress.”

When the show began, Jory Bowen took over as stage manager, and costumes were designed by Asia Richardson and Anna Hart. The set design came to fruition under the direction of Gary Hurd.

  • “The Music Man” runs until Saturday, March 9th. For more information, please visit

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