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Grace Rupp

grade: Grade 12.

age: 17.

Artistic focus: Wind Symphony.

Consultant nomination: “Grace is an accomplished percussionist in our top orchestra, the Wind Symphony, and is the orchestra president. She actively leads the percussion ensemble and rehearsals, and plays in the jazz band and pit band. She does everything she does with passion Kindness, reliability and excellence,” said consultant Christopher Vogdrude.

Memorable artistic achievements: All-state percussionist.

Most admired artist: Vince Guaraldi Trio.

instrument: Percussion and Piano.

Ensemble: Wind symphony and jazz ensembles.

What is your favorite instrument to play and why? My favorite instrument to play is auxiliary percussion. I love when a song gives me the opportunity to build a complex trap sheet and challenges my multitasking abilities.

Favorite piece you’ve performed: My favorite piece I’ve ever played is Frank Ticeli’s “Blue Shades.” I played Percussion I my sophomore year, and to this day, I listen to recordings of our performances at music showcases to cheer me up.

Favorite type of play: My favorite type of music to play is jazz. I play both jazz drums and jazz piano, and this type of music always presents unique challenges.

What do you love most about the band you’re in? The most valuable part of any band I’ve been in has been the relationships I’ve built with other musicians. Over the past three years I have met and developed close relationships with people who I cannot imagine my life without this project and certainly would not have known them.

Other extracurricular activities: Student Body President, Football, Soccer Coach, and Jazz Band II.

Ideal career: Own and operate your own boutique hotel in or around the Boston area.

Favorite movies: “Second-hand lion.”

Favorite TV show: “Gilmore Girls.

Favorite book: Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park.”

Favorite music artist: Billy Joel.

Favorite song: “Italian Restaurant Scene” by Billy Joel.

Favorite subject: AP Psychology.

favorite food: Cub Foods Deli Sandwiches.

hobby: Embroidery, reading and hiking.

parents: Nate and Diana Rupp

A girl is posing for a photo.

Grace Rupp.

News/Grace Rupp

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