“In Bloom” art and music exhibition opens at Lindsay Museum and Gallery


Two acclaimed artists – a painter who has exhibited his work around the world, and a harpist who is a member of Rod Stewart’s band – both call Lindsay home, will perform at the Lindsey Hall on Friday. Opening “In Bloom” combines their rose paintings in museums and galleries.

Shane Guffogg and Julie Thornton will not only fuse their painting skills but also showcase their musical talents at Saturday’s opening reception, where they will join forces with Thornton’s husband, Rod · Rod Stewart’s band lead guitarist Don Kirkpatrick played some songs together.

Both artists’ rose paintings were inspired during COVID-19. Gurforger planted a rose garden during the downtime. Thornton, who had never drawn before, first became obsessed with jigsaw puzzles and then embarked on a 12-week journey of self-creation.

“Three months later, I started painting,” she said.

Gufuge’s works are abstract designs in oil paintings. When his roses began to bloom, he decided to capture their fleeting moment in nature. His series “A Rose Is a Rose” is named after Gertrude Stein’s poem.

Thornton paints with soft pastels on black sandpaper.

“I started drawing a white rosebud with crayons,” she said. “But my paint wasn’t thick enough to show the light in the petals.”

Someone mentioned painting on sandpaper, which she found would grab the paint, allowing the colors to build up and blend to capture the hue she wanted.

Art Certificate

Both artists have first-rate credentials in their respective fields.

Gutfogg grew up on an exotic bird farm in Lindsay, where he still spends much of his life. He became interested in painting at an early age, and as a teenager he traveled to Europe to see the work of the Old Masters firsthand. He studied at CalArts in Los Angeles and interned in New York.

Guforg has exhibited in many countries, and his art is in the permanent collections of prestigious museums including New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and St. Petersburg.

He has developed his own unique style that combines his fascination with magic, iconography and quantum physics.

His next exhibition will open in the 1960sth International art exhibition in Venice in April. His series of 21 paintings represents an ongoing dialogue between abstract artists and the poetry of TS Eliot.

Thornton grew up in Hertfordshire, England. She began playing piano at age 9 and concert harp at age 11.

A few years after graduating, her classical music career took a turn when she began touring with artist Bryan Ferry and later with Roxy Music on the 2001 Reunion World Tour.

Julia has traveled the world as a harpist and percussionist with various artists. She has been a member of Rod Stewart’s band for the past 10 years. There she met her husband, Don, a native of Lindsay.

Destiny brought them together

Gutfogle has been friends with Lindsay board member Trish Gutierrez since first grade. Gutierrez’s husband, Philip, went to school with Kirkpatrick. They both grew up in Lindsay, so they must have a connection.

“Phillip mentioned that Julia was painting,” Gutierrez said. “I went out and saw her work and thought it would pair perfectly with Sean’s Rose Is a Rose series.”

The two artists got together and decided to combine their art.

“Initially, we thought we should hang everyone’s work on different sides of the gallery,” Gutierrez said. “But there’s something magical about it. The pieces fit into each other, so we decided to display them in pairs.

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