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(Photo courtesy) Sara Jung poses with the Oil and Gas Festival Gold Award trophy presented by Tyler Consolidated.

WILLIAMSTOWN – Williamstown High School junior Sara Jung plans to study abroad in Japan to improve her musical instrument skills.

Jung began playing clarinet in the fifth-grade band after her teacher chose her instrument. She said she keeps practicing and becoming a better player.

Last fall, Jung served as co-director of the high school marching band with fellow junior Rivion Bennett.

“This is my first year doing this and I would love to do it again my senior year,” she says. “Rivion and I played really well.”

The orchestra’s performance includes the following selections: “The Muppet Show”: “Main theme,” “keep going,” “Mana Mana” and “Rainbow Connection.”

(Contributed photo) From left to right: Senior spinner Alayna, senior color guard Alli, and in front Sara and Rivion hold the trophy at the Parkersburg South Band Competition. The trophies are for first place in the drum section, second place in the drum section, first place in the band and second place overall.

Jung said she particularly liked “keep going” Because it provides an interesting section for the woodwind section, which includes clarinets. and “Rainbow Link” Inspire her to join a new club at school.

“I joined a bluegrass club this year. We play guitar, banjo, cello, bass, fiddle and mandolin. Kermit played banjo in Rainbow Connection, so I decided to give it a try.

Jung said a member of the bluegrass club helped her learn the banjo,

“One of the members taught me different chords and how to play them,” she says. “I’m a lot better on the banjo than I was when I started.”

Jung said another way she noticed progress was during auditions for the All-State Band, an audition band made up only of high school students from across the state that performs a concert in Charleston each year. She has been appointed second clarinet chair and will begin practicing on February 29th.

(Courtesy photo) Sara Jung plays clarinet at a recent competition.

“I’m really proud of myself. Last year’s admission proved that I can do it. You can see my improvement just by listening to my audition tapes from this year to last year. she says.

Jung said she loves being a part of an orchestra, whether it’s local or all-state.

“It was a great experience. I listened to other people and their instruments,” she says. “We give back to each other.”

Jung was also a member of the school’s jazz band. They have begun to learn something called “haven” Created by David Holsinger.

“We’re going to perform it at the Ratings Festival. We go to Brennerhassett School and play two pieces and we’ll be graded on how they sound. she says.

(Contributed photo) Rivion Bennett and Sara Jung lead the Williamstown High School Marching Band at Erickson Field during the 2023 Parkersburg South Band Competition.

Jung cites her music teacher Jade Cora as a positive influence.

“He helped me grow musically and in life. Before I started the band, I was very shy. I improved socially and emotionally. she

Besides music, Jung said she enjoys another kind of art.

“I’m getting ceramics right now,” she says. “I haven’t worked with a pottery wheel yet, but I hope to in the future.” We are working with clay and learning different techniques.

Jung’s goals for the remainder of her junior year are to keep her grades up, start looking for college scholarships and continue practicing her instrument. She is considering attending West Virginia University and West Liberty University.

(Photo courtesy) Sara Jung and Rivion Bennett serve as co-commanders during the 2023 season. This photo was taken at the West Virginia Marching Band Invitational.

However, one country’s culture caught her attention.

“I want to study abroad in Kyoto, Japan” she says. “I recently started learning Japanese. I hope to be able to understand what people are saying.

Jung said she loved Japanese culture and wanted to experience it for herself.

(Contributed photo) Sara Jung participates in the Parkersburg Christmas Parade with the Williamstown High School Marching Band in December 2023

(Courtesy photo) The Williamstown High School Marching Band and Woodwind Band competed in a recent competition. From left to right, Sarah, Sadie, Hayden, Josie, Gracie, Olivia and Mackenzie. Sarah Cheng is in front

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