Johnson Center for the Arts receives art, music, movement workshop funding

JAC’s new workshops provide adults with disabilities the opportunity to socialize and build meaningful friendships with others. // Photos by May Hunter

Music exists in every area of ​​our lives. It stimulates memory, gives pleasure and excitement, and can involve and alter the perception of movement. Music and movement workshops are now available thanks to a grant from the Cedar City Arts Council. The grant will provide a series of workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities in Iron County.

The importance of music and movement cannot be underestimated. It can transport us, change us, and allow us to express ourselves in ways that would otherwise be difficult to express ourselves. Especially for people with intellectual disabilities, these workshops are much needed.

The purpose of these workshops is to enhance their functionality and provide meaningful social interaction among peers. These workshops provide a way to engage in purposeful, enjoyable music and movement and learn new skills.

Some of the activities that participants participate in include a music circle where they can play a variety of world instruments, a percussion circle, kazoo creation, marching and walking to music, a dance movement circle, guitar exploration, and sing-alongs. Additionally, weather permitting, they offer outdoor nature sports exploration.

Music and movement activities provide participants with opportunities to practice speech and communication skills, make eye contact and socialize with others. But most importantly, it helps participants develop real and meaningful friendships as they get to know each other and look forward to seeing each other on a regular basis.

These workshops are open to all adults with intellectual disabilities, but are specifically targeted at those who currently do not have access to necessary services in Utah. The waiting list for such services can be 5 to 20 years long. Workshops presented by Johnson Center for the Arts and Turn Beacon Center for the Arts. If anyone is interested in learning more, please visit or call/text: Jill Spatafore at 702-917-2151.

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