Inspire Music Arts brings classical music to centenary celebrations

Kaye Dee Richards, her daughter Victoria Richards and former student Taylor Worley-Glazier have melody flowing in their veins; Hopefully inspiring young people to explore the world of music more deeply.

Taylor studied with Kay Dee, who was roommates with Victoria at Bob Jones University, where they both earned music degrees. They became close friends over their shared passion for music.

“We dreamed of starting a company together,” Taylor said.

But they didn’t expect their dream to become a reality so quickly.

Just over a year ago, Kaye Dee opened Inspire Music Arts, a faith-based music school in Centennial. There, children and teenagers learn everything from music theory to how to play instruments and sing.

These three women will always remember the day school started. It was a snowy day in November, but people still showed up to their open house. There are currently about 50 students in the school and they hope to continue to develop the school.

Music has always been a part of Kaye Dee’s life. In addition to being a member of several professional music organizations, she holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, piano and music education from Bob Jones University. Her specialty is the harp.

Music is also important to Kaye Dee’s husband, Colin. The couple has been ministering together since their marriage 31 years ago, bringing music to many churches. As they moved around the country frequently, Kay Dee taught music privately and worked in some of the churches they belonged to.

After living in Colorado for more than a decade and hoping to open a music school that would make it easier for parents to drop off their kids and run errands, Kaye Dee pitched the idea of ​​a new studio to her husband, and he went all-in.

However, opening a studio also comes with its challenges, such as keeping kids involved and being flexible with schedules as they understand the love of sport and its commitment.

Kaye Dee, Victoria and Taylor teach voice, piano, violin, cello, viola, recorder, flute, guitar, ukulele and harp.

The spacious hall features two grand pianos.
As guests enter the Centennial Inspired Music and Arts Hall, they are greeted by two grand pianos. Kaye Dee Richards, her daughter Victoria Richards and former student Taylor Worley-Glazier, who holds multiple music degrees, teach Vocal, piano, violin, cello, viola, harp, recorder, flute, guitar, ukulele and harp. Credit: Helena

Additionally, Victoria is certified in Orofacial Myology, a treatment of the muscles of the mouth, tongue, and face from the Colson Institute.

Inspire Music Arts offers 25 or 50 minute private lessons for children ages 5 and up. Students wishing to take private lessons must audition for the instrument they wish to take lessons on and undergo an additional interview.

“It’s great that I can interview my students and put them where they need to be,” Victoria said.

Victoria added that close connections can be formed between music teachers and students.

“We heard a lot about their lives,” Kay Dee said. “When they are sad, we cheer them on and grieve with them, and when they excel, we rejoice with them.”

Most students who study other instruments also study piano, Taylor said, because music theory makes more sense when students can understand the visual reference the piano provides.

The school also offers group classes for students ages 6 to 12 to learn the fundamentals of music such as rhythm, vocal exploration, sound and symbolism. These lessons also provide an interactive environment for children to learn an instrument of their choice.

They’ve also started hosting family group classes, which Victoria says is a great way for everyone to learn. For outside families who are interested but don’t know what instrument to choose, they can try each instrument during the summer at the school’s Discovery Camp.

To get a head start in music, the school opened the Petite Academy for children aged 2 to 5 years old, where they combine music and games to help children learn the basics of music.

“Surprisingly, music really enhances everything in the brain,” says Kaye Dee. “The more they know about classical music, the better they will do in the basic core subjects at school.”

Kaye Dee said that although it is a difficult goal due to the many excellent teachers in the community, she would like to see Inspire Music Arts recognized as one of the premier music schools in the area.

Inspire Music Arts is located at 8200 S Colorado Blvd, Unit A. Contact: 303-841-8899 or

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