Generative artificial intelligence subverts music, artists improve co-creation

The democratization of music has shifted a lot of power from record labels to artists. As the music industry evolves into a landscape more favorable to newcomers, rapidly evolving technology and fan expectations demand the development of creativity.

From social media partnerships with music companies and the pandemic’s demand for virtual performances to genre fusion, co-creation and the emergence of NFTs, artists are producing at unprecedented levels. Artificial intelligence is also gaining a deeper foothold in music, driving music production, personalized recommendations and new collaborations. “Forbes” reported that the skills improvement of the artificial intelligence revolution will be critical to the success of various industries in 2024.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Grimes, best known for her albums Vision (2012), art angel (2015) and Miss Anthropocene (2020), has undertaken projects including WarNymph NFT
The series will be launched in 2021, with launching earlier this year. Grimes, who has been called the first self-replicating pop star, invites fans to share her persona by creating new music using generative artificial intelligence and her IP, according to Forbes.

Grimes works with Los Angeles-based CreateSafe, an applied research studio that builds tools and protocols for artists to automate the creation, distribution and marketing of music IP. To create and enhance a more transparent music industry, the pair are building the Triniti API, a generative AI music production platform that artists can use to create and distribute music.

Australian DJ and producer Kito created “Cold Touch” using, using Grimes’ vocals in the demo. The artist said: “Using artificial intelligence to create this song gave me a new sense of creativity and opportunity. Grimes is both a visionary and a pioneer in what is only possible through this cutting-edge technology.” A collaboration that incorporates her voice.

Rights holders of music IP can, for a fee, license their assets, names, images and likeness when their material is used in Triniti’s models.
and tides.

CreateSafe recently partnered with, a music technology platform that empowers its more than 300,000 users to download and securely access 70,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects and AI tools from leading labels and artists Together discover the music that best suits its content. The new partnership allows creators to choose from more than 200 GrimesAI tracks and securely use the beats in their videos, posts, live streams and podcasts on any platform.

“Artificial intelligence is clearly changing every industry, even just in terms of its potential,” said Daouda Leonard, co-founder and CEO of CreateSafe. “If you take the most exciting aspects of music, such as user-generated content) together and combine that with dark technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud computing, you get a whole new art form, and possibly a whole new art form.

Today, with music discovery and marketing largely driven by user-generated content on TikTok and YouTube, artists like Grimes are seizing new opportunities for creative fan engagement. Downloads on increase the discoverability of an artist’s music by bringing them massive attention on top social platforms. In the process, the new partnerships are reversing the music industry’s traditional label-distributor dynamic, which has kept music from being used in videos and social posts by the masses.

Leonard said that as creators reach new levels of creativity by using GrimesAI music to enhance videos, musicians will enter the booming creator economy on an unprecedented scale. Digital royalties are generated based on subscription revenue collected by so that creators can securely monetize their content. sound.

Jesse Korwin, chief marketing officer and co-founder of, said: “For content creators, is about bringing famous artists into the world of creators. We see the creator economy as an inclusive opportunity on Where we not only want the top 1% of creators, but anyone who is interested in making their own work and giving their audience the best music possible to elevate their content. also recently launched a new set of artificial intelligence tools to further expand creativity. The AI-powered Video Soundtrack Wizard scans videos to instantly generate music score options. Likewise, the Audio Content Wizard analyzes voiceovers to generate multiple audio track options. AI song expander can lengthen any song to fit custom video and podcast episodes.

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