Music from selected galleries will complement last Friday’s Art Walk

Trove Gallery hosts the Nathan Spenser Revue during the Spring Art and Music Gallery Walk. Jocelyn Scudder, executive director of the Arts Council of Park City and Summit County, said live music adds a new creative experience to the Park City Gallery Association’s monthly event. The next Art and Music Gallery Walk is scheduled for Friday 29th September.
Courtesy of Park City and Summit County Arts Council

Park City Gallery Association of the MonthThe free Last Friday Gallery Walk on September 29th will feature live music for a higher level of creative expression, Performances at 6 of 15 participating galleries from 6 to 9 p.m.

Six galleries and live musicians will be part of art and music gallery walk As stated below:

“Live music is just an added element to the monthly gallery walks,” said Jocelyn Scudder of the Park City and Summit County Arts Council executive Director. “Once we had the budget and dates set, we called the gallery association and asked who would be willing to participate, and all six were willing to participate.”

Scudder said the Arts Council piloted an art and music gallery walk element back in 2021.

I thought it would be a great way to use music to honor the artists who worked so hard for the exhibition.Susan Meyer, owner of Meyer Gallery

“We are asking for support from restaurant tax grants to revitalize the gallery and add some energy to the gallery walk,” she said. “We had been talking with the Park City Gallery Association about how we could support them, and this idea came up.”

Scudder said the arts council and gallery association partnered with Mountain Town Music, a local nonprofit that hosts concerts, to help musicians supplement the galleries.

“Many of our galleries have different aesthetics and available spaces, so we rely on Mountain Town Music and its executive director Brian Richards to curate the lineup of local and regional talent working in these spaces,” she said. “We love our relationship with Mountain Town Music because they are so connected to the local music community.”

“Classic” Steve Schuffert performed during the Meyer Gallery’s art and music gallery walk last spring. The Fall Art & Music Gallery Walk is scheduled for September 29, featuring Meyer Gallery artist Mike Tam.
Courtesy of Park City and Summit County Arts Council

Meyer Gallery Owner Susan Meyer likes to feature live music at show openings.

“Many people’s experience of visiting a gallery tends to be a very quiet one, and while that can still be inspiring, it’s not necessarily interesting for some people,” she said. “So adding live music seems to calm the wild beast within all of us, and we tend to relax and have a happier experience.”

Guitarist Mike Tan Musicians who will be featured at Meyer Gallery.

“He will be placed at the door so people will see him when they walk in,” Meyer said. “I tend to put the musicians there so when we open the doors, the music will be out on the street.”

Meyer said the gallery will open two exhibitions Friday evening.

“The exhibition upstairs will be my most popular of the year—the annual Small Art Treasures Show, which is the opening event that most of the participating artists will attend,” she said. “This year we are inviting 45 artists, 14 of whom are guest artists. They are all invited to submit a work that is 18 inches square or smaller.

Meyer said the parameters of this particular exhibition presented challenges to the participating artists.

“Many of them don’t often paint in small sizes because they tend to like to bring out larger pieces,” she said. “But people are eager to create something interesting and high-quality, especially when they know they’re in a big exhibition with artists they admire or know about. So, everyone wants to look good in front of their peers.

Ellie Wilson’s outdoor works will be on view through September 29 during the Art and Music Gallery Stroll on the lower level of the Meyer Gallery.
Courtesy of Meyer Gallery

The second show at Meyer Gallery opening Friday is a solo show of new work by Ellie Wilson, which will be on the main floor of the gallery.

“Ellie is a young landscape painter from Utah who is almost exclusively a plein air painter, meaning she paints outdoors with an easel,” Meyer said. “She’s been to 18 different countries and I thought we could get her involved in this fun night.”

The first time the Meyer Gallery exhibited Wilson’s work was in 2016, Meyer said.

“It was during an emerging artists show, a collective invitation to artists that I didn’t represent,” she said. “I’ve always followed Ellie because she’s clearly talented, takes her craft seriously and wants to get better. She definitely does that.

Meyer thanked the Arts Council and Mountain City Music for launching the Art and Music Gallery Walk.

“I hope this continues because I love that people come into my gallery or other people’s galleries and have a lively and interesting experience exploring art,” she said. “I thought using music would be a great way to honor the artists who worked so hard for the exhibition.”

Scudder is pleased that the art and music gallery walk has continued since its debut two years ago.

“Having a free event like this not only allows people to connect with these galleries, but also builds social cohesion through shared creative experiences,” she said. “It’s a free event that allows people to get to know the artists they represent. With passionate local gallerists, people can also learn new things and gain different perspectives. ”

Scudder also hopes those attending the art and music gallery walks will take advantage of the other offerings on Main Street.

“Since it’s funded by restaurant taxes, we encourage people to experience some art and great live music and then visit some of the other galleries that are opening soon,” she said. “Then we want them to head to a restaurant or bar and enjoy a night in Park City.”

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