Vocal Arts Festival – Peck School of the Arts

January 26

January 27

Vocal Arts Festival warm-up

The Vocal Arts Festival provides an opportunity for talented singers to interact, perform and share their voices with their peers from the region. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and grow as soloists and choral artists. The festival also includes the opportunity to attend a vocal recital and perform in a final public concert.


  • Rehearsed and performed with the Vocal Arts Festival Honors Choir, including a final performance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Zerazo Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Practice prepared solos with UWM vocal faculty and guest artists in a master class or mini-lesson (accompaniment provided).
  • Take classes and interest courses related to vocal performance.
  • See opera and musical theater scenes, choruses and vocal solos performed by UWM faculty and students.

Nominate a student

Teachers can nominate any number of students by providing students with a link to the student application form. After a student fills out the application (including the assigned teacher’s email), the teacher will receive a link to verify the student’s information, among other fields.

The festival is limited to 120 students, so only the most qualified nominees will be selected to attend. Please nominate only accomplished singers who are strong musicians and will prepare classical solo performances during the festival.

The application deadline is October 30th.

Cost and repertoire

$60 per admitted student. Fees include all rehearsals, vocal lessons, vocal masterclasses and lessons, performances, accompaniment, parking, music (on loan) and meals. Scholarships are available to students.

The Honors Choir will perform four songs. Three copies will be mailed to admitted students in advance. Singers were asked to prepare the dubbing portions of these pieces before arrival. The fourth choral piece will be distributed at the festival and studied during rehearsals.


Friday, January 26, 2024 detail Saturday, January 27, 2024 detail
12:00 Check-in and seating 9:00 Warm-up and chorus rehearsal
12:30 Warm-up and chorus rehearsal 10:30 Master Class #1
2:15 Vocal music courses and interest courses (students can choose any one to participate) 11:45 Lunch (substitute)
3:30 Chorus rehearsal 12:45 Chorus rehearsal
5:00 Enjoy dinner at UWM Sandburg Café 2:00 Master Class #2
6:30 Chorus rehearsal 3:30 Relaxation course
7:30 UWM Vocal Showcase Recital 4:00 Chorus rehearsal in performance hall
8:30 reception 5:30 dinner
7:00 Final concert (with UWM Concert Choir)


Join us for two free public performances on Friday and Saturday as part of the festival. No tickets are required for these events.

Vocal Music Showcase Concert

Come join us for a recital, featuring works from a variety of styles and genres performed by outstanding UWM undergraduate vocal majors.

Final concert (with UWM Concert Choir)

The final performance of the Vocal Arts Festival features the UWM Concert Choir and the Festival Chorus, a collection of 120 of the best high school singers from across Wisconsin and Illinois.

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